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How I Prep My Garden Beds for Spring Planting | Tests, Amendments, Crop Considerations
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Published 3 years ago
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Continuing our Spring garden series: a nice afternoon had me inspired to start turning beds over since I won't be around next week when I would have time to do it. I have never actually done a pH test on this soil (rented land) so we go through doing a real basic one! You can find liquid or test strips at your local farm/garden store.

Everyone has their own way of prepping a bed but it's extremely contextual! I only have 600 sq ft to play with, so I have to sow relatively high turnover crops (short days to maturity - DTM.) Because of this, I am taxing the soil and pulling a lot out of it. My usual, generic bed prep:

1. Fertilizer (mind, slow release) 5-3-3
2. Calcium (usually alkalizing agent as well)
3. Long term phosphorus (rock phosphate)
4. Trace mineral source (usually potassium too)
5. Layer of compost to add organic matter (carbon)

These are different based off of what I've had in the beds and what I'm putting in the beds. There are some that don't get a ton of light so never get any heavy summer fruiting crops and don't need as much nitrogen or alkalizing agent.

Remember, ideal soil pH is 6.2 -6.5 (chart in video)

Make sure you know what your tap is! Some people are surprised to find out that their municipal water is highly alkaline (not the best.)

Some people like to do their bed prep at the same time they seed, but I like to give all the amendments a head start so the plethora of microbial life gets to settle at the depth the root systems will be. This book changed my perspective on gardening:

I don't finish the beds in this video because my compost is still pretty chilly and the video was long enough. Will do another one when I'm going to direct seed on March 1st!

Happy Growing!


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