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Your County Sheriff could be your greatest health freedom ally. County Sheriff's are the HIGHEST LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS IN EVERY COUNTY IN THE USA (EVEN HIGHER THAN FBI, STATE POLICE, and CITY CHIEFS OF POLICE), and THERE IS NO LAW HIGHER THAN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS IN THE USA, because that is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND here. NO so-called law or executive order from a President, Congress, Senate, Governor, County Commissioner, Mayor, and or Court Judge can override any part of the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights, and that includes ANY AND ALL SO-CALLED EMERGENCIES. Even if the PLANdemic/SCAMdemic was real, and it DEFINITELY IS NOT REAL, it does not give Politicians or Medical Personnel some kind of magical powers to supersede THE CONSTITUTION. Thus the so-called Social Distancing, Mask Wearing, Viral Testing, Business Closures, and Vaccinations are thus a ILLEGITIMATE SUBJUGATION and thus NO COUNTY SHERIFF'S OR DEPUTIES should be enforcing any of that kind of BS. In fact, County Sheriff's and Deputies should be arresting any other so-called Law Enforcement Officers that are trying to enforce such things in each county! Watch this brief conversation with SHERIFF RICHARD MACK to learn how to talk to your sheriff and build a mutually beneficial relationship. The interviewer is Leah Wilson.


Constitution Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Leah Wilson on Stand For Health Freedom

Note: The SERGEANT MAJOR'S TRUTHER INFO group with 33,500 members was deleted by FaceBook/Government on 01/24/20. The SERGEANT MAJOR'S TRUTHER INFO channel with 50,000 subscribers was deleted by YouTube/Government on 02/14/20.

"The 5 Rules to AWAKENING: Rule #1 - Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design; Rule #2 - governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will; Rule #3 - the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, and fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players); Rule #4 - Spirituality and Reincarnation are reality, whereas religions are simply government crowd control measures; and Rule #5 - this plane(t) called earth is a flat, motionless plane, it is not a spinning ball hurling through outer space. Furthermore, the 4 Sources of Disinformation that are ALWAYS FAKE: government, mainstream media news, matrix sciences, and religions." -- Sergeant Major
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