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Max Igan in Mexico - Mexicans Decapitate Corrupt Politicians
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Published 3 months ago |

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Jim Stone in Mexico June 29, 2022: "Shelves fully stocked!!!" Canned cat and dogfood now fully stocked in Mexico. When people were saying cat food and dog food were vanishing in the United States and Europe, we noticed it here in Mexico too. All the dry food brands except for two went to soy based dry foods at the same time canned foods vanished. But yesterday we were at Soriana, and like a blast from the past, ALL canned pet foods were available, like nothing happened at all. They were more expensive but it was a surprise, considering we thought we'd never see that again. I wonder if they decided to start making it in Mexico for the Mexican market. Additionally: There are no empty shelves for any items whatsoever. Everything from toilet paper to shampoo to shoes to appliances to cell phones to computers to big screens to pancake syrup, EVERYTHING is completely available in all varieties and brands, with shelves stocked deep. ACROSS ALL CHAINS. And the prices are normal, except for the pet food in cans and dry corn and wheat flour. Obviously if this is the case in Mex, if the stores in the US are having shortages, the situation is manufactured. After all, Mexico should run out of stuff FIRST, RIGHT??


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