A Big Problem With Leftist YouTube's Alt-Right Pipeline Theory - Jody Bruchon
24 views • 05/31/2022
The concept of an "alt-right pipeline" has been popularized among "leftist YouTube"/"BreadTube" types, but I've found a major problem with it. By admitting that right-wing ideas are more compelling than their own ideas, they are conceding the ideological war to the right wing. They use the story as a bogeyman tale for how you can easily become a part of a label that they consider to be evil, and they of course are your only salvation. Unfortunately, this only works on people who are already vulnerable to the sort of social shaming being performed; it's the same tactic used by fire-and-brimstone religious types to convince people to blindly follow them, but the modern population is mostly immune to this form of shaming. Claims are made that the "right-wing" people can only win through deception and sketchy manipulation tactics, which is itself a sketchy manipulation tactic.

With the "come to our side" call to action failing, all that remains is the concession. The person attempting to persuade the viewer to sway far left through fears of "the alt-right pipeline" consuming them and making them into evil people is no different than a child who loses a game and immediately declares that their rival must have cheated to win, never once considering that the loss was in fact fair and legitimate.

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