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'It Is About The Constitution, Stupid' - Straight Shooting News, Part 1/3 from Dec 26, 2021
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Published 6 months ago |
12 26 2021 Straight Shooting News
It Is About The Constitution Stupid! (Part I)
and History Must Not Be Allowed to Repeat Itself in 2022 (in part II).

We begin with an extremely important question. When those you swore an oath to obey violate their oath!
Listen closely to the host of Valuetainment (Patrick Ben David) who asks retired SEAL Jack Carr the important question about the Oath of Service. Listen closely.
What happens when men and women like Jack Carr can no longer watch from the side lines?

The Treasonous and Seditious members in our government and the US Military, Law Enforcement are asking the same question, along with our enemies, about How We The People will respond

Here is just one example, and the U.S. Courts can correct these violations of The Constitution as Our Founders designed, or the answers SEAL Carr and others have been awaiting will be answered.
In the USA the US Constitution forbids the use of vax cards, Americans have the right to a reasonable amount of privacy and be secure in their personal papers.

The U.S. Congress also passed HIPAA Laws to protect the individual’s right to Medical Privacy, which can only be reversed by the legislature, and no other branch of government according to the Constitution
More video - Fauci has No Power Under The U.S. Constitution to implement any mandates
Cold like symptoms

Individual Rights, the inalienable rights in the U.S. Bill of Rights
Republicans and all politicians at all levels must stop playing nice and be as demanding as the Socialist/Communists who have infiltrated our government have been: We don’t know how much time Our Nation has left!

Fauci needs to be arrested and placed into solitary confinement until he confesses to us about how this virus began and why it was funded by him and others with taxpayer’s money.

Video clip with Victor Davis Hanson discussing the puppet masters controlling Biden with deliberate failing policies.

Military officers writing op ed’s about a 2024 coup against democracy.
What was that discussion about with retired SEAL Jack Carr and Oaths?

Short clip of Rand Paul and government waste. Grinding up ferrets for flu vaxes? Trash burning in Vietnam? $52 billion dollars in wasted tax dollars - at a time when they want to borrow more money, and from where?

Clip of Biden signing the China slave labor bill. Uyghurs slave labor.
Enforcement? Seriously? Only from one region in China, defiant, U.S. Corporations bow to Communist China and Xi; kow tow – to bow down and bang your head on the ground.

Hong Kong history erased, Hong Kong is gone after marching with banners in praise of President Trump who stood by along with the rest of the free world and allowed Communist China to break the treaty

We end part one with these thoughts for everyone to consider: Under President Trump the US was thriving, the economy was booming ... CCP was paying tariffs and was becoming reliant on US for food and energy resources.

Now with the 2022 election insight and it appears those with the same ideals of former President Trump could regain power, the Chinese and the U.S. Traitors will become desperate again over the course of 2022, and that will make them Dangerous to the Well Being of We The People.

Our words to all from SNN is be prepared for the worst, and hope for the best.

In Part Two we will show you a preview of what may occur in 2022 from a look at history which must not be repeated at all costs.

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