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How the “Greater Good” is used to Enslave the Greater Number
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Published 3 years ago
The greater good for the greater number is the slogan for an ideology called collectivism. As explained by collectivists, it means the group is more important than the individual. Therefore, the individual must be sacrificed, if necessary, for the greater good of the greater number. After four generations of teaching and idealizing this concept in universities and grade schools, collectivism has become the dominant mantra of governments, political parties, media outlets, religious institutions, and voters around the world. During this same time, the world has witnessed an alarming decline in prosperity and liberty. This presentation explains why that is so: Prosperity, liberty, and justice depend on protection of the individual against the passion, envy, and greed that often are the driving forces within groups and mobs. The counter-intuitive conclusion is that defending the rights of individuals against the majority is the genuine path to the greater good for the greater number. 2020 Sep 20 – Source: Academy of Ideas

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