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(Part2)Strategic Clarity & Tactic Ambiguity about Taiwan - Simone Gao and Miles Yu- Zooming In China
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Communism Exposed
Published 5 months ago |
207. (Video) Reported leak at Chinese nuclear plant?; At least 25 killed in huge explosion in China

An explosion in a Chinese city devastates a city block. City streets in ruin for hundreds of feet surrounding the blast. At least 25 have died. A Chinese nuclear power plant is suspected of leaking dangerous levels of radioactive material. Now, the U.S. government is assessing a report on the risks. Some of the world’s most powerful leaders meet to discuss China. But to keep their talks private, they first cut off the internet in the room. Making sure no one else could listen in. The push back against critical race theory continues in the U.S. A mom who fled communist China has a warning for her local school board – and all of America. And student protests oppose education reform in China. More provinces are now getting involved. While Chinese police appear to be upgrading their crackdown measures.

206. (Video) (Part2)Strategic Clarity & Tactic Ambiguity about Taiwan | Simone Gao and Miles Yu| Zooming In China

Is #XiJinping really contemplating taking #Taiwan by force in the near future? Is America’s strategy on Taiwan clear? Does America have the ability to protect Taiwan? Strategic clarity or tactical ambiguity? Can the U.S. and #China get along if the CCP is gone?

Part two of Simone’s interview with Dr. #MilesYu explores these questions. Dr. Yu is the principal China policy and planning adviser to United States Secretary of State #MikePompeo. He is also a professor of military history and modern China at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute.

Part #1: Can America Rein in China?

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