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Published 10 days ago


Cold weather is coming to the Ukrainian frontlines. The first snow fell on the battlefield in some areas, while rains continues in others. The deterioration of the weather certainly affects the ongoing hostilities. However, while the Kiev military is trying to justify its defeats in the battle with “bushes and mud,” according to British intelligence; and NATO is hysterically blaming Putin for using frost as a weapon, the Russian military continues to advance through the heavily fortified Ukrainian strongholds in the Donbass.

In recent days, Russian forces have achieved new gains in Avdeevka. They broke through Ukrainian defenses in the industrial zone in the south of the city. Russian fighters took control of new positions near the Yasinovataya-2 station, which the Ukrainian army had been strengthening for years in the Anti-Terrorist Operation against the people of Donbass. Despite the fierce Ukrainian resistance the mop up operation in this area continues.

Russian fighters also retain the military initiative on the northern flank of Avdeevka. Over the past week, the Russian military has expanded its zone of control along and across the railway line, fighting has also approached the outskirts of Novokalinovo. In Avdeevka itself, Russian forces took control of industrial buildings in the ash dump area and entered the territory of the coke and chemical plant. Ukrainian soldiers are forced to hide in the basements of a huge factory, as they did in Azovstal in Mariupol.

After long months of bloody attacks around Bakhmut, the Ukrainian military lost the initiative in this area and finally went on the defensive. Russian troops continue their assault on Kleshcheevka and are advancing on its northern part. Battles for the main stronghold to the northwest of the village is still ongoing. Andreevka again moved into the gray zone. On the northern flank of Bakhmut, Russian forces have taken full control of the territory around the Berkhovka Reservoir and are aimed to cut the strategically important road used by the Ukrainian group in Khromovo.

Last week was marked by attempts of Ukrainian forces to launch attacks near Gorlovka. Several of their assaults were repelled on the western outskirts of the city. Such operations are most likely aimed to force the Russian command to transfer reserves from other areas.

Meanwhile, encounter battles continue in the Zaporozhye region. The Russian military repels Ukrainian assaults and counterattacks. Neither side has any advantage at the moment, but Ukrainian forces do not abandon attempts to break through the Russian defense.

On the eastern bank of the Dnieper, fighting continues at the Ukrainian bridgehead in Krynki. The central part of the village remains under the control of Ukrainian forces, who sometimes expand their zone of control. They advanced slightly to the north but were almost repelled from the forest areas to the south.


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