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Newsbreak 155: Hidden and Lost Data in CDC VAERS Points to Malfeasance | Albert Benavides & Dr. Robert Young
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Published 2 years ago

Educative insight into the ever-fluid CDC VAERS database recording vaccine injury which now seems to be full of oddities and strangeness, net effect falsification of data and holes in reportage with Albert Benavides, data analyst, and Dr. Robert Young who provides commentary.

The latest is the CDC has been deleting thousands of records made by people, some duplicates, but thousands not--which means CDC is deleting needed records already made which then presents a false picture of the harms caused by the COVID vaccines; deaths of people reported in the last few weeks turn out to have occurred 9 months ago, soon after they took the vaccine; deaths and disability attributed to unknown vaccines turn out to be due to the COVID vaccine--as per the write-ups in each record; thousands of cases where age is not noted turn out to have age notations made in the write-up (as opposed to the list of check-off items on the VAERS form for reporting vaccine injury) which means thousands of cases of children being harmed are being hidden this way; lack of follow-up means many of the cases reported may have either worsened, perished, or improved--we have no way of knowing.

These and other anomalies in reportage are painstakingly excavated by Albert Benavides with his data dashboard which helps him drill down into the data and see more than is readily visible.

Dr. Young makes the pertinent remark that in no way can these vaccines be seen as safe and effective in light of this data. Deaths in VAERS now rock the near 30,000 mark, while injuries and deaths total 1.5 million: unprecedented numbers for vaccine injury. Of these, Albert has found that reports suggest over 64,000 are children under 17, while the CDC VAERS summations suggest only over 52,000, about 12,000 injuries and disability in children post vaccine disappeared in this way.

Visit Albert's channel at Bitchute and Rumble for more, see his many interviews on various national shows lately.

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Dr. Young's blog, with many articles on the vaccines and aftermath:

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