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Dylan (Wild) Charles with Waking Times
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Daisy Oz Productions
Published a year ago |
Apparently we violated YT's medication content policy so I really appreciate this brilliant Source! Thank you Brighteon! This interview is filled with loaded question and answers, so here we go with the nitty gritty of what we covered:

Founder and editor of Waking Times magazine Dylan Charles presents highly relevant and evident truths of today's chaotic times. Dylan and Daisy expound upon loaded discussions in the headline news-front and how we as individuals can make a difference. Dylan is also a Self Mastery Coach with a rich background of shamanic experiences arising out of his own reinvented ashes, and offers advantageous solutions to modern-day ailments to procure to self-empowerment... all of which relates to the uprising issues in our world today of the planned covid "pandemic" and its relatives being "forced" as fake vacs, Afghanistan, subliminal programming, autonomy vs. "control" and how the shamanic realm actually rules the on-eye so-called "elite" - like a zoom on zoom... and they're pissed. They keep looking for a "way out" but there IS NONE. Hence the "elite monetary games" - that's all they have to work with. It's a story of the Spirit vs. material. We can do. Hang in there and keep going and believing in the positive we can make together!! Trust in Source that we will make this happen: a better place here for All!
Dylan says:
“The outer world is created through our inner world, and thoughts are things. If you apply that to what’s going on today, it really makes me want to dive in and help people because there’s so much chaos, disorder, addiction, disease.. I tend to think that it is coming from the mind of the individual. When enough individuals are on the same wavelength, you’re going to get the collective circumstances. This country and its infrastructure is in decay, like if you can spend 2-trillion dollars in the US, whoa it’s like a modern paradise on Earth suddenly, but something happens in the modern-day psyche where we operate as if it’s ok to spend that money on destruction in a foreign land… why can’t we get on the same page and say, ‘Hey, we want to create a better world for ourselves’, and it has to do with the crud that’s going on with people’s individual minds… People aren’t thinking as humans anymore in a large degree, mainly due to the excess of neuro-toxic chemicals that affect the way the brain functions.”
Yes, there is a lot going on that boils down to energy, frequency and vibration like Sir Tesla said, and we are just beginning to understand. Listen in and find out more as we put the reality cards on the table!
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