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COVID19 Coronavirus vaccine t-Veronica zombie virus demon larvae are coming out of vaccinated people
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). COVID19 Coronavirus vaccine t-Veronica zombie virus demon larvae are coming out of vaccinated people’s bodies. Although we real Christians had been warning about the COVID19 Coronavirus vaccine’s t-Veronica zombie virus content in our daily sermons for decades without sleeping or eating or bathing or looking for work to cover our own living costs or marrying, while getting cooked alive by CIA microwave oven weapons from next door homes & rooms every day and getting persecuted horrifically, these Western feminist nations’ cowardly traitor “women’s equality” “female church donator loving” pastors and religious Christian hordes, who are redefining Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings so that their heads are controlled by the fallen angels, continue to hide the information for fear of assassinations and ridicule by their church donators as lunatic heretic idiotic narcotic maniacs. This is a treachery that has not yet been seen in the entire history of the church. These pastors and “women’s head coverings rebelling fallen angel head controlled” religious Christian hordes are fake “Bible’s watchmen on the wall” and they have blood on their hands. The worst ones are the sly ones that insult God by slyly trying to appease both God and Satan Lucifer by modifying & diluting & sterilizing & picking & choosing & editing the 100% truth of God that we real Christians share with them by risking our own lives, in order to make it safe for themselves from assassinations and ridicule, and make it palatable to their church donators’ dead brains and their Christian ministry business customers’ pea brains. All they do is just demonstrate against the vaccine and home lockdown, but they do not inform the people about the t-Veronica zombie virus in the vaccines as we instructed them, nor do they repent of redefining the hundreds of Bible verses and rebelling against women’s head coverings, and cross-dressing in “Satan Lucifer’s post-1960s cross-dress-project” men’s trousers, and stealing unbiblical post-1873 10% salary tithe income taxes, and hundreds of other things we told them. They do not instruct their church donators to do so either. They refuse to sell their homes and church corporations’ church buildings and retirement pensions, and refund the tithes back to the church donators and apologize to their church members for stealing. We have shown thousands of videos and photos, but they have hid everything from God’s people and spiritual army. They are infiltrated floods of post-1960s Illuminati “Flower Children” New Age Wicca witch hippy grandchildren “humanism” “political correctness” “women’s equality” “Atlantis Hellenistic Satanism Western values” religious hypocrites and the End Times apostate harlot Church. They have a form of Christianity, but they deny its Holy Spirit and the truth. Throw your pastors out of your churches, especially the reptilian hybrid pedophile cannibal Satanist pastors, and preach the truth, so that 99% of your church donators will leave the church, so that God’s house will be cleansed of their filth. Stop the desecration of God’s holy church by these flood of hippy grandchildren Sananda Jesus worshippers and Jezebel worshippers and Mammon worshippers. These church donators and their filthy donations need to be removed from God’s house. Do it now and do not wait until tomorrow. Repent and receive Jesus as Savior, and make straight the way of the Lord!

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