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God Has Given You Talents to Fulfill Divine Purposes No Matter the Odds... (NEVER GIVE UP!)
Published 2 years ago
My orthopedic surgeon told me I had the worst knees he had ever seen.

The fact I can dunk a basketball after 3 major knee surgeries and 5 screws in my knees, proves God answers prayers.

God has given you divine talents to fulfill divine purposes.

Each one of us has multiple divine purposes to fulfill and God will reveal those purposes in ways the world will never understand.

The world can not see your true talents which God has given you. The world can not see your divine purposes.

It does not matter what the world sees or thinks of you.

God will work great miracles and true victories through you and your talents. no matter what the odds against you may seem or how hopeless the situation may appear.

Do not give up and the miracles God has in store for you will happen, the victory will appear.

When I was little I prayed and asked God what I should do when I grow up.

The answer was to become the greatest basketball player ever.

Along my journey to achieve my basketball dream it seemed like everything was falling apart and nothing was going my way.

It seemed like everything was going against me and God was not there and was not helping me.

So many weird and strange things happened to me that I knew all of this opposition was not a coincidence. I knew there were forces working against me to try and stop me.

Forces who do not want any of us to get to where God wants us to go.

The devil is real and he will throw everything he has at you, the closer you are getting to God and to achieving true Victory!

I never gave up.

I kept coming back.

I kept returning.

I kept getting back up each time I got knocked down.

When I was tired or exhausted, I just kept moving, no matter how slow, I just kept moving.

I knew God really did answer my prayer when I was little. So I used that knowledge to motivate me to keep going because I knew somehow, someway God would work the miracle.

One of the things I was born to do was to play basketball. This is one of my talents.

I learned that the greatest thing you can do in your life is to get back up when you get knocked down.

And not only is getting back up when you get knocked down the greatest thing you can do in your life but it is also the most difficult thing you can do in your life.

If everything would have went my way, if there was no strange opposition against me, what would I have learned?

That I can keep going when everything is great and going my way?

Instead, I learned I can keep going when everything seems to be falling apart.

I learned that God is there and he does answer our prayers in his own way and due time.

And the only types of people that can keep getting back up are Champions.

A champion is the greatest type of person you can become.

When it seems like strange and weird thing are happening to you, this is usually a sign that you are getting closer to fulfilling that divine purpose God gave you to fulfill.

Never never never never never never never quit. Never give up.

Timothy McGaffin II

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