Innocent Soul got Caught and Put into a Meat Suit: Truman Cash and Cameron Day ("No longer a Lightworker")
198 views • 05/01/2023

Source: Truthmeter "Past life memory how we got here, - Truman Cash & why Im NO longer a lightworker - Cameron Day"

Anmarie Uber is reading Truman Cash's memories of incarnation and the tunnel of light reincarnation loop, and Cameron Day's "Why I am No longer a lightworker" post on this false duality "reality" of darkness.


Truman Cash ebooks:

"The Matrix Revealed. Book 2. The Eye of Ra"

"The Matrix Revealed. Book 1. The Programming Of A Planet"

Truman Cash is an ufologist, author of two books, "The programming of a planet" and "The eye of Ra". Both volumes date from the mid-1990s. Cash shares many of his insights with William Cooper, Karla Turner, William Bramley, Simon Parkes, Corrado Malanga, Barbara Bartholic, Susan Reed and James Bartley. In his essays, the researcher focuses primarily on two topics: hypnotherapy and abductions. The approach is unusual, because Cash studies abductions even at the time of Atlantis and in antiquity, in Egypt and Sumeria where non-terrestrial beings sowed concepts and "religious" rituals to subjugate the masses. The central idea of the essays written by the scholar is that of the implant stations, i.e. centers for transferring souls into bodies. These "stations" are a key to understanding the phenomena of abduction. The stations are used to capture souls, which are "free", and transplant them into another soma. Insectoid creatures generate a powerful electromagnetic field that attracts the psyche: the psyche, unable to resist the attraction of a warm and enveloping glow, ends up in a "white light chamber" to be reprogrammed and prepared for another existence. Body envelopes are also duplicated. According to Cash, many near-death experiences are orchestrated by malevolent creatures in angelic guise. Also the glow at the end of the tunnel, a glow very often seen by the dying, is the intense light coming from the programming chambers located on the spaceships and in the installations of the aliens. Of course, everything happens against the will of the abductees.

The scenario is similar to the one described by William Bramley: he believes that the Others need to trap and seduce spiritual beings who are thus condemned to the cycle of metempsychosis. Some investigators, more than to a "theft of souls", as feared by the sibylline and fragmentary gnostic booklet, think to a subtraction of energy by psychic vampires. In that limbo, that no man's land that separates the secular world from the otherworldly spheres, consciousnesses could be at the mercy of larvae in need of feeding on the energies of the dead. Is it plausible that these entities are able to generate heavenly visions of bright green meadows, pleasant gardens, clear and bright skies? These are the magnificent landscapes that the protagonists of the near-death experiences remember to have admired enraptured, after having usually walked through a tunnel whose outlet was flooded with a sparkling light. Are these places the result of an elaborate deception aimed at damaging "souls" who were then wormed to be included in containers to host "external" memories or for other purposes? The picture outlined so far is very controversial and we must ask ourselves if the transfer of souls is also associated to the cloning of bodies...

Truman Cash can be contacted at the forum

Cameron Day: "Why I am no longer a light worker"

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