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Should Republicans Hide, While Democrats Get Crushed In November? Or will voters want an aggressive GOP platform to “Get Out The Vote”?
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Published 2 months ago |
Kevin Rollins - publisher of Free Liberal and former managing editor of Econ Journal Watch
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Pew Research in 2020 found nearly half of Americans unopposed to a guaranteed income, marking a stark departure from the traditional American ethic of “making it” on one's own. The same percentage of investors told Morningstar last year they planned to move investments into stocks complying with “ESG” - “environment footprints, social justice and woke governance”. Because of school frustration, rampant crime, and economic fears, however, Biden’s approval has collapsed - especially around his base of women, people of color, and younger voters. What should Republicans say to get votes this Fall?

Further, what should independent Americans demand of politicians to get their vote?

Virginia’s elections last year show that the Republicans can win even in a state thought to have turned solidly Democratic. What made them win? What strategies can the GOP use to not only flip the election but to make lasting change that will secure our Republic?

Kevin D. Rollins is a free-market economist and a classical liberal. He has also recently joined Andrew Yang's Forward Party. He will lead a discussion on the issues that can transform the GOP's election effort into a project for real change.

Some of the issues to be discussed:
* Family values and why they matter to Hispanic families and Suburban Parents
* The Federal Budget and the Family Budget: Why we need long-run commitments to fiscal sanity.
* Representation: How can congressional offices better represent ALL of the different constituencies in their geographic areas.
* Term Limits: What is the role of Congress in effectuating a limited and fair Article 5 convention in order to accomplish this widely supported political reform?
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