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The Matrix & It's Various Contracts - They Want Us Occupied.
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Sacred Serpent
Published a year ago |
In this video I discuss the various ways that modern life keeps us so occupied that we lose sight of what's important while in our struggle to make ends meet and get all of our obligations done on time. We have become an overworked and non-introspective culture who is constantly worrying about money, jobs, stress, and the various other contracts that we sign up for that the matrix is happy to enlist us into. One of the keys of real health is being able to realize that we are running in a metaphoric rat wheel, and step off it so that we can gauge what is truly important in our lives. Only by realizing that our lives are driven by stress and constantly being busy, can we come to the conclusion that there is more to life than always fretting about mundane things. Start pursuing your dreams.

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