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'Coffee Cup Gestapo': The Latest Covid Crackdown Viral Video Out Of Australia
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The Prisoner
Published a month ago |
Examples of Covid policy crackdowns out of Australia have only grown more and more absurd as viral videos continue to hit the web on a weekly basis showing the insane and Orwellian lengths police and government authorities are willing to go supposedly in the name of keeping people "safe".

The latest encounter of an Aussie citizen with police in Melbourne shows officers actually briefly inspecting a man's beverage, apparently to ensure that his pulling down his mask in order to consume coffee was "justified". It should also be noted that this took place outside in the fresh air of a public park...

The short clip, which since being posted online has been reported on in multiple international media outlets, shows a masked-up and glove-wearing officer grabbing the man’s coffee cup, while saying, "Do you mind if I check if there’s actually anything in that?"

After giving it a shake, the officer gives it back to the man and says, "Enjoy your coffee" - apparently satisfied at finding liquid in it.

Some news reports mocked the scene as a "North Korea-style" encounter and others dubbed the officers as part of the "Coffee cup Gestapo".

The clip of the encounter has racked up millions of views across various social media platforms this weekend.

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