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Peter Daszak (President of EcoHealth Alliance) Admitting to Creating Chimera Virus In China
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Published 3 years ago
In this short segment of a longer interview you'll see Dr. Peter Daszak president of EcoHealth Alliance admitting to going into China and investigating 100's of bat virus for the last 6 or 7 years, and developing virus there is no cure or vaccine for.

Daszak is also the one who took the money from Fauci, and gave it to the Wuhan lab.

He is also the one who created the very unproven theory that the virus was natural, in an effort to cover up the research he financed at the Wuhan lab. The evidence pointing to the virus being made at the Wuhan lab FAR outweighs the evidence it was natural.

So as you can see, he is Fauci's right hand man that allowed Fauci to give money to finance the gain of function work at the Wuhan lab that was outlawed here in the US. Plausible deniability for Fauci.

You can watch the whole interview he did at: where he admits EcoHealth Alliance is in around 30 countries doing this same type of research.
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