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Is it Time for Secession… or a National Divorce?
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Published 5 months ago |

Tom Woods - New York Times bestselling author  


With Americans so divided over the most fundamental issues, has the time come to consider going our separate ways? New York Times bestselling author Tom Woods thinks so, and makes the case in his forthcoming book, National Divorce: The Peaceful Solution to Irreconcilable Differences.  (And learn more about Althusius, too, at


Tom Woods burst onto the libertarian scene with “Meltdown” -- his expose of our central bank as the cause of the 2007 Great Recession and the bane of our political economy. He also authored the “Politically Incorrect Guide to American History”, which awakened self-thinking folks to the “power-versus-liberty” filter through which to more candidly judge the actions of our past.  


As 2022 winds down, what if that better life requires an updated government that respects irreconcilable differences in American society? Does federalism - the tug of war between the national government and the 50 states - need to be adjusted, or is it time to go our separate ways?  Tom’s talk certainly provides some good food for thought… as well as the precedents.


Tom Woods holds a Ph.D. in history from Columbia university, and was the winner of the 2019 Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award in Vienna.

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