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The vaccinated were tricked into drinking from the fountain of death.
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Published 2 years ago
The spike proteins within the vaccine have destroyed your ability to repair single and double stranded DNA. This will cause the body to adapt and attempt survival as the body fails at replenishing vital cells that need to be repaired. The result will be the acceleration of the aging process due to the inability to repair damaged DNA. The vaccine will exploit and accentuate any and all comorbidities leading to deterioration of health. Although most vaccinated individuals know that something has gone terribly wrong within their bodies, they want to “cure” this feeling with another booster. Unfortunately, with every shot, their minds are becoming more forgetful and their body aches are becoming painful. They are dizziness episodes will increase as well as periodic fluttering heart events of as I got continue. Most of the vaccinated will feel tired and worn out. They will want to retire like everyone else they know. The elderly will feel this accelerated aging process more than most. Regrettably, it’s too late for them. Try to save the children. Stop inoculating the children.
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