Iran, Israel, & China How close are we to WORLD WAR 3!
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Glenn Beck

Oct 29, 2023

In a response to recent attacks against American troops in the Middle East, U.S. fighter jets targeted facilities linked to Iranian-backed militias in Syria on Friday. But Iran’s recent focus on U.S. bases is all part of a larger plan, Jason Buttrill, Glenn’s Chief Researcher, explains in this clip. In fact, Iran is a central player in the Israel-Hamas war. So how soon will it be until several other major world powers enter the mix? Will China use this war to begin their own campaign against Taiwan? Will Russia begin to support Hamas more directly? And how do America and Europe fit into this all? Glenn and Jason discuss what signs to look for that may hint a coming WORLD WAR 3.

*Note: This interview took place a few hours before the IDF crossed into Gaza during a ground invasion.

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