D.Buzz 30-day challenge update - Week 4 recap : On to The Last Few Days!
0 view • 08/21/2021
Hey Friends and fans of D.Buzz!

The finish line is in sight as we approach the end of our first 30-day challenge! What a riot it has been. We've seen a wave of great post from authors from around the globe. So many have shared inspirational stories, some have made us laugh, some have made us cry, some posts we have learned from, and some post we just LOL'ed at.

You should have about three days left if you started on the first day with us! However, its not about when you started as this is just about getting you motivated!

Here is a summary video from this week.
Here is the kickoff announcement for this challenge :

If you want to see some awesome posts people are doing you can search on D.Buzz for #dbuzz30, or just click the link here : https://d.buzz/#/tags?q=dbuzz30

We also have a new 30-day challenge that we have currently in development that we should roll out shortly.

Do you have a challenge you would like to see added?
If so leave a comment down below and perhaps will be added and credited to you. :D
For now, enjoy the summary and thank you for playing.
Remember, this challenge is about getting you inspired, as such you can start it anytime you want, you can start today, tomorrow, next week or next year, it doesn't matter. The key is to start and keep doing for 30 days. #commitment
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