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8 Million American Children and adolescents prescribed psychoactive drugs
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The Truth About Psychiatry
Published 3 months ago |
The information in this report is not to excuse violent crimes and make the perpetrator blameless, but to demonstrate why there may be a much different type of violent behavior that police and the community face today compared to 50 years ago.
All psychotropic drugs are called that because they are mind-altering or mind–turning. For some of those taking them, the consequences can be serious.
For the community, where the psychiatric drug consumer acts wittingly or unwittingly due to the drug’s adverse effects and kills, the results are tragic and catastrophic.
The goal of this report is to help law enforcement and policy makers discover and identify a hidden link to the prevalence of violence and suicide in the community: psychotropic drugs.
Facts, statistics, studies and expert opinion show the medical concerns about the rise of senseless acts of violence coincident with the increase in psychotropic drug prescriptions and usage.
Drug proponents argue that there are many shootings and acts of violence that have not been correlated to psychiatric (psychotropic) drugs, but that is exactly the point.
It has neither been confirmed nor refuted, as law enforcement is not required to investigate or report on prescribed drugs linked to violence, and media rarely pose the question.
If five percent of the 41 million Americans taking antidepressants were to experience “increased mental and/or physical agitation,” that represents 2.05 million people.
How many of them could potentially become so agitated that they would carry out violent acts?
It’s playing Russian roulette with their lives.
Psychiatric drugs create dependence, suicide and violence in a percent of individuals taking them.
That is a documented fact.
The disastrous consequences are felt by all.
As so many lives are at stake, it is vital that each person who is in a position to take action avail themselves of this information to help protect our communities.

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