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SN1004: Climates In Crisis, The CoVid19 Black Swan & Setting Up Space | Factions Of Freedom
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Factions Of Freedom
Published 9 days ago |
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We’re back this week, coronavirus free, to bring you updates on our collectively increasing insanity and global instability. As massive swaths of erratic locusts and bats begin encircling populated areas, many, including myself are left with unanswered questions, like, “What would cause this?” Geoengineering; Deliberate, and sudden alteration of an environment and eco-system. These are the days we’re in though, humanity has such power to alter its surroundings – for better or for worse.

Information regarding the coronavirus is gradually beginning to point towards the very real reality of it being a man-made disease. Now, reports are coming out from coronavirus experts in Hong Kong claiming the disease has the potential to infect 60%-80% of the global population. With a percentage that large looming, one has to ponder, what this will do the global economy if only 60% of the population experiences what China’s been dealing with for months?

This new world we’ve seemingly entered into has its own set of hurdles, and as the decade starts, it seems ours are just beginning. This, like many other disasters, will pass and afterwards humanity will move forward – Hopefully wiser. As the dangers of society grow even more chaotic, those with the means to escape it are preparing for the worst while our troubles have just begun.

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