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Illegal alien squatters moving into and taking over people's homes and using, squatters rights, as an excuse to steal a person's home and the law, law enforcement and the courts are on the side of an illegal alien when it comes to stealing a person's home!

This is a deliberate attempt to destroy the lives of Americans, provide luxury housing for criminals who come across the border as a reward for illegally entering this country and solving the illegal homeless situation which this administration has created with its deliberate open border crisis

American homeowners, are being presented a challenge to have to make a decision. Either roll over and surrender your home, all of your possessions within that home, or fight! States like New York, Washington, Illinois, California and several others are deliberately siding with the illegals and homeless! Just look at California legalizing theft, or shoplifting, up to about $950 and this has put many small businesses, out of business!

The federal government is orchestrating this, their blue State cronies are making it possible and you the homeowner are the victim! Think about this, these representatives are supposed to serve you, you pay their salary, you vote for them, or elect them and they betray you by allowing illegal criminals to steal everything you have! Invade the very sanctity of your home!

Former law enforcement officer, investigator, author and legal expert, Massad Ayoob, interviewed many convicted home invader, burglars and has stated anyone who would enter an occupied dwelling, is the most dangerous type of individual there is!

Unfortunately, painter's tarps, duct tape, rope and cinder blocks, are probably going to be the only homeowners recourse in the future, if things don't change

People are going to have to quit accepting the unacceptable!

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