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Independent Energy - (IE) REVEALED; Episode 1: Basic Overview of Independent Energy - (IE)
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We are in the Golden Age
Published 4 months ago |
This is a brief overview to bring the majority of beings up to speed with what is going on and what has already happened, as well as how this effects humanity for great benefit.

This video goes over the basics of Independent Energy - (IE), the energy control structure before and after it was brought into existence and the associated Definition(s)

There will be additional videos explaining each Topic/Definition extremely in depth to allow for a full understanding of this great step forward that humanity technically has already embarked on since 2015.

All the world players are already aware of this and now is the time for the public realization of value.

Spread this Disclosure like wildfire as its LITERALLY only one International/National press event away!!!!

For light and love with will serving Creation

Peter Ross of the Mouck family

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