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Treating Morgellons Disease for Mary: April 07, 2021
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Published 2 years ago |
Morgellons Disease Treatment
Written by Mary and Terral
April 7, 2021
Hi Mary:
Thank you for writing.
On Wed, Apr 7, 2021 at 6:32 AM Mary wrote:
Attachment to email only had 2 logo banners.
You have only received the 2021 Dropbox Folder Link notification email that includes the eBook version of my book The Mystery Explained and a Mystery Report PDF newsletter.
Right now, my main objective is to get better from Morgellons.
Okay. I have helped many people with Morgellons.
Would you sell to me completed nano silver? I am pretty much bedridden and would need help that I don't have.
My suffering is great, have lost over 100 pounds, my entire body is blackened.
Holy... Yours may be the most severe case I have heard of in all my years. No. I have only produced and sold the Nano Silver concentrate, as nobody yet has wanted the diluted Nano Silver. Sending you the concentrate is rather easy using the USPS Priority Mail service. Sending 12 liters of Nano Silver is a huge and expensive task once I purchase the larger bottles. Please allow me the opportunity to help you through the mixing process, so that you can mix your own Nano Silver from the concentrate. Once I know your mailing address, then perhaps there is a supporter nearby willing to help you. I am hoping that you have someone that comes by to check on you, so they can mix your Nano Silver that is very easy to do in just a few minutes.
A copy of the 8-page PDF Instructions is attached to this email. All anyone must do is mix the Nano Silver concentrate from one of the two-ounce bottles with 3 liters of distilled water. I use an empty 3-liter Ocean Spray Juice bottle that is a PETE1 bottle. Just make sure the bottle is clean, half fill the 3-liter bottle with distilled water, then pour in the contents of one 2-ounce bottle of concentrate. Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water, replace the cap, roll the bottle a few times, and you have your Nano Silver at the 10-ppm concentration. Then, just pour some Nano Silver from the 3-liter bottle into a used vitamin bottle for taking daily doses and you are good to go. The number of doses taken each day depends on your weight. A copy of the Weight Chart is on Page 4 of the instructions with a second image shared below. My dose number is 9, because I am just under 200 pounds. That means one 1-teaspoon dose in the morning waking up and one in the evening before bed with the remaining doses spread out through the day. You need the single 3-liter Ocean Spray bottle that is only 4 bucks at Walmart, and one gallon of distilled water for each of your 2-ounce bottles of concentrate (need 4 gallons). Then, just store your Nano Silver in a dark place at room temperature and you are good to go.
Also looking for your writings about Morgellons.
Here is my most-recent article from 2020 with two related videos at the bottom.
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