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Elevating Consciousness: Decoding the Connection Between the Original Tree of Life & Our Chakras
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Awakening Magick
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Published 7 months ago

As I traverse my Master Herbalism studies, learn about Alchemy in working with plants (I would also call this Faery Healing!), and working with energy... I am reminded that we need to know the WHOLE truth...

Imagine this: the ancient Original Blueprint of the Tree of Life is stolen and hidden away by beings that do not want HUmanity and Earth, etc. to rise UP, while another version shows up and is taught, but only with the intent to mislead ... It's the truth but not the WHOLE TRUTH.

We need to know the missing parts...For when we know the truth, we can see... the saying "the truth will set us free" is absolutely 100% spot on... the Original Blueprint of the Tree of Life links into the mysteries of our chakra system - they're like two cosmic dance partners, intertwining and shaping our very existence (how we show up in the world, how we can move through blockages, and so much more!).

We're diving headfirst into this mystical connection, unraveling and decoding some of the secrets of the Original Blueprint that links these energy maps into our bodies connecting to the vast dimensions of consciousness.

It's like discovering the hidden threads that weave the fabric of reality!

Starseeds, Indigos... Wanderers... you have the INFORMATION always IN-FORMATION inside of your DNA... this is where the truth lies!

And as the lower three chakras dissolve to make way for the 4th density "New Earth," how can we help unblock them to purify, cleanse and tune them so that we can continuously elevate our consciousness?

This is more than just a video – it's a fast & deep exploration that might just reshape how you see yourself within the universe and we can interact with it all! 🌌🔮

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