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(Language) SHAME ON TRUDEAU (Do as we say... not as we do!)
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Published 2 years ago |
**WARNING...IF you believe the government and main stream media about this virus....DO NOT WATCH THIS!!*** (Your feelers might get hurt)

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Trudeau's cottage visit mocks us and the rules he sets:

What to say in the event of forced virus vaccine

12 to 18 months No going out until we take the vaccine😱 VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES!

“If and when the time comes, do not "refuse" vaccinations or else you will be considered belligerent.

You must "decline" their services.

Politely decline and refuse to consent.

Ask the doctor if the vaccine has MRC-5 in it (they all do, these are aborted fetal cells, or other forms of DNA) and if it does, you have the right to decline.

Also, ask the doctor if there is a possibility of an Iatrogenic Reaction (adverse reaction from multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other) from the vaccine (they all do), and when the doctor says YES IT DOES - that can be used as our "get out of vaccine" card.

They must honor their Hippocratic oath to 1st - do no harm.

This way, we can politely and simply decline their offered or mandated services (while they give you the fluoride stare as you casually exit the building).”


"Thank you but I respectfully decline." 📷

Don't trip over the virus that they created so they can enforce vaccines on us!

Be concerned about the MICRO NANO TECHNOLOGY they will put in the COVID immunization that 5G towers can talk to.

And give ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE the key to our health and final freedom.

Reminder: our rights to work and to go outside have already been taken away.

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