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Christopher James – Common Law; the Court System Swamp and Other Government Entrapments – August 5, 2021
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A Warrior Calls
Published 10 months ago |
One Network Radio Texas Interview with Christopher James

Christopher James, Common Law expert, has one truth that will save this world. Learn how every single one of us has been converted into debt slaves the moment we were born.

The court system is so swampy; stay out of Court, create your own.

Christopher James says there’s very little chance of any remedy in the court system as we know it.

He suggests attorneys are really at the key to the issues as they are in the club.

His research suggests that it is possible to initiate ones own court with a jury of one’s peers and with police cooperation, actually have lawful warrants to arrest folks doing criminal behavior.

He goes into detail on how the birth certificate model is a problem from day one… don’t do it !

We are collateral for the debt the Treasury creates by borrowing money.

Any and all contracts we have entered into without full knowledge of the ramifications are null and void.

We do not have a contract with The United States Government to do anything. It’s all done by force.

Christopher James' alternate platforms... where the TRUTH will be found and the Solution moving forward.

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