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Lion meets Tiger in cage - Part 3 (E#62) 👑Two "Big" Tigers and little lion/Theropod DEBUNKED
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Deadman TV
Published 7 months ago |
So.... Live videos you videos you're gonna get...
Live video.... let's debunk every video of this idiot "QueenTheropod", who has not another job to do, he is fanatic and brainless to the bone, disturbed, jobless, paul cooper sucker....
Is the female tiger larger than a Male lion??.... this is what fanatism do... as about the last video about "photoshopped".... photos were found to the internet ... they were not photoshoped... just everyone of you make screenshots on our videos and search the images on "google image finder" to about the last lion he shown, we have put also photos of lion even when it passed this car..check it here : see the first pin comment of this video , video number 9) ... not big difference and still bigger than the tiger and nearly same height with the car... we have nothing to hide and everyone can search the photos on the web..., also this idiot can not debunk the size of the lion because we have post hudereds of photos and more than 5 videos showing giant lions.... let's give some pain to this idiot....

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