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Straight Shooting News 11 21 2021 - Sympathies to Waukesha & Dr. Scott Atlas Interview
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Published 9 months ago |
Straight Shooting News 11 21 2021 - Sympathies to Waukesha & Dr. Scott Atlas Interview

We begin with the sad news out of Wisconsin, of the attack upon the Christmas Parade; our sympathies to all affected.

At EIGHT MINUTES in, this Straight Shooting News show begins, and Bandana Ed provides commentary on the Dr. Scott Atlas Interview on Tucker Carlson.

Dr. Atlas was a member of President Trump’s Corona virus task Team, and the facts about what had taken place then, and now.

This interview is one of the most important you will ever hear in regards to your Health, Safety, and Freedom.

Source video used: Tucker Carlson Today Video Bitchute

“We Need to take control of Our Lives.”
“Science is Critical Thinking”

Atlas explains, Initially the lockdown was about flattening the curve …
Atlas worked with hospitals and is not a Political Bureaucrat like the others on the task force.

Covid is less dangerous than Influenza.
Discusses child development and child abuse.
Failure of lockdowns
Abuse of the people by the wealthy.

They destroyed people. Intimidation and destruction

Dr Atlas was an outsider not political Insider; he did not care about politics, urged Trump to talk about data. Stunned at lack of knowledge and critical thinking on the trio and a pact of Fauci, Brix, and Redfield to all quit if one was fired.

Dr Fauci is not a Medical Doctor who sees patients

The lowest level of people he had ever worked with are trying to control us!

There is no science without disagreement
Intimidation and polarization of Science

Some alarming facts
Cabal of Elitists. Blaming others for their failures.
Dr. Atlas never believed this could happen.
Power Corrupts
These Corrupt People are in too deep to reverse course.

It is up to all of us to stop this.

Short update on Fauci, from Laura Ingraham with Dr. Scott Atlas

Florida is doing fine, but Europe is going back into lockdowns …

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