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My 50+ years with ETs & 5D BEINGS. Egg Harvesting, HYBRIDS, DNA Upgrades, Advance Tech
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Published a year ago |
Jo shares her story of over 50 years being visited and interacting with ETs & 5D BEINGS. From Egg Harvesting, HYBRID Children, DNA Upgrades, and Advance Etheric, Higher Dimensional Technologies that were FORBIDDEN for us to use but taken on and used by the Dark Forces.
Jo is also A- blood type which is a common abductee blood type.

This Episode goes over Jo's long and extensive history and interactions.

Jo discusses the grip the Draco's have had on this planet and Long term drain and trauma we have existed in. When it finally leaves the Shift Collectively will be our "New Earth".

The Galaxy is aware of this Earth War we are in and There are many Galactics fighting for our FREEDOM right now.


Right now we are going through a collective Near Death Experience. Some of us are Lucid through this experience. Some of us are half a sleep and some are still in a coma completely ignorant to any of it. Collectively we will heal.

The most exciting time in history.

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