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Should you take the Corona vaccine? Why do so many doctors and Rabbi's say to take it? NEW Info!
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Published 3 years ago
Posted Rabbi Alon Anava 04January2021: Vaccine to turn people into a GMO. You don't want to be a property of an evil government. The numbers are off. You die WITH Coronavirus. 5G. Why do we need Lock-downs? Doctors are being forced to take the Vaccine. 99.8% recovery from the Coronavirus. Where are the Dead?
Read more about mRNA Vaccines
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon
Agenda 2021
FDA and CDC are Terror organizations. Vaccine approved in 2 months. No Animal Testing. No Peer Scientific Review. You are the Guinea Pig for this Vaccine.
Risks: Autoimmune Diseases. Infertility, Lose ability to develop a Placenta. Severe Allergies and Death. EDA reaction forces people to be depended on the vaccine.
Pfizer paid $3 Bn in criminal conviction, fines and Jury Awards. Bill Gates is a thief and Dr. Anthony Fauci: Moderna, Drug Mafia, No Liability, NIH 1out of 40 people will be harmed by Corona vaccine. Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030 and UN World Economic Forum in Davos. Chips in Human Bodies. You are a Number just like in the Holocaust. Government, Health Officials, Mobsters (Ministers, Governors, Mayors) to get the vaccine. Halakhah, you can not take the vaccine sit and do nothing.
agenda 2021mrna vaccinesvaccine changes dnaworld economic forum in davos

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