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Dr. Mike Yeadon - An Educational Insight Into Coronavirus & mRNA Experimental Injections
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Published 2 years ago |
Who Should We Listen To?

Quite simply those that cherish scientific truth and accuracy. The ones that have no conflicts of interest when it comes to research grant money, or ties with Big Pharma, they are the honest, incorrupt and incorruptible. One of them is Dr. Michael Yeadon PhD.  There are tens of thousands like him out there, but their voices are being systematically drowned, so that what they say does not reach the ears of the public. Interestingly, most of the true experts out there are at the pinnacle of their profession - world renowned in their work. Most surpass the standard of those on e.g. SAGE committees. Why are they not on those committees? Once again  - simple - they are not part of the Cabal's bought and paid for foot soldiers.

This reproduced video by BGB was originally uploaded to You Tune by it's original maker - it lasted just two hours before it got taken down - that speaks volumes about the tyrannical censoring that is going on. Thankfully it has been salvaged from the original video compiler and is now on this platform for safe keeping by BGB .

The truth will always rise to the surface.

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We WILL win this war . . . .

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