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Employers Who Say 'Get The Shot Or You Must Get Tested' are BREAKING THE LAW
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Evan Talks
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Published 2 years ago
DID YOU KNOW? You do NOT need to get tested if you refuse to get a Covid vax, no matter what your employer is saying. PCR tests are illegal to mandate. Just like Covid vaxxes. They are medical experiments, only authorized under EUA (emergency use authorization) by the FDA and by law, medical experiments can NEVER be mandated.

Make them fire you. Do NOT choose to get the shot and then try and claim they made you do it. If they do not hold you down and force the needle into your arm while you are frantically using all your might to fight them off, they did NOT force you. GOT IT? Good.

Make them fire you. Then sue them.

Clip from 9/9/21 show. Watch the whole show on Bitchute.

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