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Invasion USA
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Published 3 months ago

How much damage can America sustain from the Democrat's destructive policies before we collapse? America gets weaker and weaker everyday and we have more and more chaos in the cities. Our enemies are salivating, but will they pounce?

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Video Sources:

1. - Stinchfield Tonight - UN-MANNED BORDER SECURITY?

2. Bannon’s War Room - The Invasion Through Darien Gap IS The Democrats’ Policy

3. - Daily Mail- China sends 68 warplanes and 10 Navy vessels around Taiwan in 24 hours

4. - MarketWatch- Taiwan says more than 100 Chinese warplanes flew toward the island in past day

5. - Financial World - Russian Fighter Jet Fires Missiles at British Aircraft over the Black Sea

6. - The Messenger - China Set to Launch Massive New Aircraft Carrier Almost as Big as US Navy’s USS Gerald Ford

7. - Reuters - Analysis-With defiant summit, Putin and North Korea's Kim send rivals a warning

8. - The Telegraph - Chinese warships are menacing Taiwan. Our carriers are at sea, but crippled by incompetence

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