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REPORT: Marburg Virus And Other Pathogens To Be Used To Destroy Humanity And Even Create Zombies
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Published 13 days ago

This video report is about the evil plans of the globalist elites to destroy humanity by one of their means using the very deadly Marburg virus which is in many if not all of the Covid 19 vaccines that many people received. Other pathogens were included with the Marburg virus which is of the Ebola virus family. These viruses are contained within a microscopic nano lipid hydrogel that was in the Covid 19 vaccines. These hydrogels will break down and release these deadly viruses once they are exposed to a high energy level 5G pulse with three 5G pulses. Then the deadly destruction will begin with all those who received the vaccines with the hydrogel containing the deadly viruses. Apparently there will in effect be zombies created as described in this video. The Marburg virus is not very contagious but it is very deadly and those who have the hydrogel can spread this deadly disease once it's released. 

There is a planned testing nationwide of the emergency broadcast system with cell phones and other devises and it is strongly suggested that you protect your phone from this test by using a high quality faraday bag but if you don't have one available you can use aluminum foil and wrap your phone tightly in a manner that would seemingly keep water from entering if submerged in water. Then wrap your phone again as extra insurance but make very sure that you turn your phone completely off and if your battery can be removed, even better. If your phone is not off then your phone will likely be damaged as your phone will increase its signal to a high level as it seeks for a cell tower. If your phone is not tightly wrapped in foil as described it is then possible for the test signal to still effect your phone. This test is currently scheduled for October 4, 2023.

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Side Notes:  There was a mention about a zombie apocalypse on Amazons terms of service but it has been removed when Amazon updated their terms of service. However if you are curious you can watch a short video of someone investigating this fact to try and debunk it but was not able to. Here is the link to that video --->

Also there was something that the CDC did in regards to a zombie apocalypse a long while ago. You can read the CDC's short description about that here called Zombie Preparedness --->

Please keep in mind with all of this that there is a thing called predictive programming and if you don't know what that is then do some research on it to better understand what could be going on here and with all other predictive programming.



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