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Tactical P.E. Video Lesson: Advanced Leg Training And The Po' Po' Ain't Playin' With Antifa No More!
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Published a year ago |
Every day that passes, makes more imperative that you get serious about tactical fitness. Not just for police, fire, and military, but for every law-abiding man, woman, and child.
It looks as though the mobs are not going to stop until they have destroyed our way of life, so we all must be prepared to bring the fight to this strange but determined enemy.
In part one you learn one of the advanced moves in your tactical program sure to help you build the strength, power, and mobility necessary to take on a weaponized or non-weaponized opponent.
Then in part two see how Portland police have been given the green light to stop the rioters as they move to invade the suburbs where you and I may live.

Part 1 The Barbell Walking Lunge:
A great movement for developing your thighs and strengthening the hips.
Part 2 Antifa still aiming at residential area in South East PDX - Police did not go easy on them
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