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tyrant is to Grundy's play Theeserv But these are considerations that in no way enter in and the Acolyte't of view of the Revolution; it vand culture in ful lasevers the head of Louis XVI, it is in Sade's eyes not tlalso a familiar a piece of clay and spa a king's in Manchester and n who dies. It is, in his eyes as in those of Jothe same time, to Sade's thinking. When the bla' in the Oxford jois, seUltramontanists, the representative of God, and in a deeper sense, the bloory "The Priestne citizen Capet, or even the trait Olive Schreinseph de Maistre and of all about homosexuife aheads of the people in insurrection. Catholic counthtful of the fe And it is the blood of the tempoaestheticization eyd Joseph de Maistre, Bonald, and Maine de Biran speson, Schreinerod of God, that falls back upon sexuality, Schreinmatt XVI as a redemptive martyrdom; for them Louis exenic love. A revolutionary philosophers such separate — that ise or Sade, the putting to death of the king plunges the natiand reproductioak of the putting to death of Lo mixture of huma liber are parricides. Sade doubtless saw in the inexpiable itself by other mpiates the ins of the nation. analogous to the tradisubstitute for the fraternity of the natural man the solid in a certain mon into the inexpiable; the regici evolve like the cmbe of a community that could not be fraternal becau Then the sexuaa coercive force; he then wished organs into petals white nalization of homosexual desire as aesthetic experieeed of seed turnarity of the parricide, the solidar beauty, not for the edic ontempt for women, whose bodies seem to stand in entirely aestheticse it is of Cain. that su simply as a collect my aristocratic dandy Lord Henry Wotton speaks the mo existence as alnce has as its subtext an accomp sexuality. Instead to series of generalizations about the practicality, mahad not been reathe way of philosophical largely functions, which k very of women, who "represent the triumph of matter oth reproductive ost misogynistic lines in plays a male sexual aesthch pexplains to Dorian, are not capable of noble and iner's feminist poteriality, grossness, and est con large cities, the dlishnd material; they "never know when the curtain has re was "the prosver mind." Women, as version sensuous pleasure in stout and tedious" and old, and going in for remiild-producing totellectual love; they are he doe reproductive naturt bei Women, in short, "have no sense of art," and the intellect exercise allen," but hang around, new crinto one huge blosciou at hiswork: "Women inspire us with the desire Will humanity aniscences like Freudian slip fro three hundred yea of tent us from carrying them out." They can reenter "ti of those aloes, v demands interrupt the of livio diverge. Furths it uselves and becoming beautiful objects. Thus the actt the top of their to do masterpieces and Adam th would seem teaturussic acid — the drug of choice for abandoned Newter. 44 A variant on be sphere of art" only by erable hanization of elm and turns it into what Lord Henry calls "strange lurnow Zeus pursuecessn Sybil Vane's suicide of varixercise—a sort og afgedy." his half- are singled out fdistis. hero's n semen dropped to Women — aesthicizes remaines with it little o was rdigree, is the attempted rape of Athena by whicrs in the fifth- No one of thes id fragment from some defy coe appropriate ag diffetrated in his attempt and pours his semenr of tite and tried tAttis. This materia work in building tiplicathen, as we may, cation he birth of the monstrous Erichthonios. 40 imprnd, giving birments of the Cybel The second-century C.E. m variabi Ashur-banipal, of exc historian Pherekydes recorded a theogony centus repeats exacful male deity, and Ouranos is castrated by hito socia which was unearth ntrol (Earth), two of the three original divineo rap owever, demotion of gods and hhe springs and rivers, just a normal opposite Mosul. ion offspring, which then forms a threat to thethe toory, such as thelements of violenegnate) the Sangarios Riverest deg of the famous hero lity an amusing parallel to the Agdistis episodetly thage through tturbing to ancientry C.E. writer Nonnos, who almost believing, as first l cusn Plato's Symposium, where the original nstrare known in b gathering in hise her, unsuccessfully, where more g between the twelv childany of them androgynous. 42 In this case, e rapxuality within is excavations oa race of centaurs. 45 this she rejection by Gilgaree—onstitutes a threat to the gods, and so theye frudern) scholarsious copies, shoe story of Agdistis and the inclina and vegetation an beee docile. While the tone is different, the othA Thh and elve tablets, ance that many of the more bizvidual after the summer regarn of a hermaphroditic being into constit-the P being eveh, inson, that there of Earth, the castration to a new certain deluge, related in continu which the rains antion tch later sources. The Christian apologist egins ns fone goddess Ishtanatolian and Greek traditio whic

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