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God HATES it When You Divide HIS Land... ISRAEL
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HolySpiritWind - Jeff Byerly
Published a year ago |
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God's Little Angels

Our hope is to buy a piece of land and build a permanent home for God’s Little Angels Orphanage in Lahore Pakistan. The goal is to offer a safe place where we can provide food, clothing, shelter and Christian education, for at least 500 kids and widows who need our help!

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PIPES International is a global Christian mission organization that partners with local churches in Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States.

We are located in LaHore, Pakistan..a Muslim nation where Christians are being killed and persecuted! Please help us help these precious children. For just $25/month or $300/year, you can change their life!

Email me at: [email protected]
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