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Published a year ago |
** Monty Python's 42 yrs old Prediction of Nowadays Insane Public Discourse
- Monty Python’s – Life of Brian
-- Comments:
• When I first saw first this film some 40 or so years ago this and so many other scenes had us all howling with laughter at the total absurdity of the situations they were depicting. It was obvious to everyone watching that the scenes were so ridiculous and so far removed from any kind of reality that they could only exist in the brilliantly absurdist world of Monty Python...And yet, we fast forward to the present day and these kind of scenes are being played out in the real world and treated with absolutely seriousness. It's time we got back to poking fun at all the bullshit that passes today for serious discussion.
• “Ideological Subversion?”
• "You can't have babies" "don't you oppress me" 2021 in a nutshell.
• We are now literally living in a Monty Python sketch, funded, endorsed and enforced by our institutions, governments and police, under threat of dismissal, cancellation, prosecution, even imprisonment to disagree. You couldn’t make it up.
• It shows the old right Stupidity of Where we find Ourselves......! And some are still to Dumb to realise. Everyone has to live in Reality, Mot imaginary Utopia...
• “Symbolic of his struggle against reality” classic!
• this is more civil and respectful than todays public discourse but still very prophetic
• This 10-times funnier today than 42-years ago, when I first saw it. At the time it seemed ludicrous, now this is considered serious debate.
• We are ACTUALLY living in a Monty Python sketch today, sadly though, it is far from funny.
• If this was released today Monty Python would be "canceled" in less than 24 hours.
• When comedy from four decades ago becomes reality, you know we’re living in an idiocracy.
• Saw this as a kid. Thought it was funny af. Absurdist etc. Now, it's government policy. Orwell and Python are officially non-fiction.
• I've been using this clip as an example of the madness for the last ten years, at least. I used to think it was funny. Nowadays, it is just scary because people aren't saying enough is enough. The more stupid & civilization-destroying an idea is, the more it gets cheered on.
• This used to be a comedy sketch. Now it's an actual discussion happening in many governments around the world.
• Who knew this would come to be an actual thing?
• I Vaguely recalled this bit... but as it went on, and got more, and More and MORE accurate... I couldn't believe it... fucking NAILED IT!!! FLAWLESSLY at that, especially with the summations at the end: "It's symbolic of our struggle against Oppression." "It's symbolic of his struggle against reality "
• Yes I did laugh during this clip but I couldn’t help being very depressed as well.
• They're frighteningly accurate. Just shows how absurd the world has become.
• It's been too long since I've actually watched "Life Of Brian". I am utterly dumbstruck by how closely this 42-year old absurdist comedy mirrors our modern reality.
• Wow, way ahead of their time. Prophetic. And to think Cleese recently cancelled himself before the left did it to him. Genius.
• One of my favorite movies .. and more accurate prophecies than Nostradamus ;)
• The funniest film ever, well done Pythons. This madness is now reality.
• “It’s symbolic of his struggle against reality” priceless. A true reflection of today’s stupidity.
• One of the greatest scenes from one of the greatest comedy films ever. It's frightening how this is EXACTLY the kind of stupidity we're arguing over in society today.
• Symbolic of his struggle with reality. Brilliant
• I don't know whether to laugh or cry. As someone has already said we are now living in a Monty Python sketch. Huge thank you to whoever came up with the name Loretta, so so funny but I don't know why. Who knew they were all prophets ....
• One of my favorite movies of all time. 42 years, eh? Well, just goes to show this current insanity isn't something that just happened overnight but has been (more than) 42 years in the making. Some people just knew this all along. But to paraphrase Ernest Hemingway: How did things get so insane? Two ways, slowly at first, then suddenly.
• I forgot about this scene. How bloody prophetic.
• This actually makes me weep.... There are people out there, amongst us - breeding! - that genuinely think like this now...
• You know the world is ending when Monty Python sketches become serious reality and people don't realize it
• I watched a young American woman react to this clip on Youtube and she didn't laugh. She just said "wow so ahead of it's time". This was very funny and we now live in a sick world run by rich woke elitist men. (and women).
• LOVE this scene; also the one in which they admit all the good things the Romans have done for society.
• We have actually moved beyond a Monty Python skit. We are in deep trouble.
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