Lies That I Believe
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Lies I Believe; I want you to get a piece of paper and write this down.


I want you guys to ask yourselves this question “What are the lies of Satan that I believe”


If you can’t think of any ask God to reveal the lies that you believe, to you.


When you come up with a lie or two that You believe then go get your Bible and find a scripture that proves that belief to be a lie.


What are biggest lies that a lot of professing Christians believe?

God loves everyone except me?

I don’t need a scripture for this one, The fact that I am alive and that God has blessed me everyday of my life, and I know I deserve absolutely nothing, proves to me that God loves me with a love I can’t comprehend?

One in four professing Christians believe there is no hell?

Lazarus and the Rich Man, Matthew Chapter 13, prove this to be false


If everyone is doing it, if it’s culturally accepted it’s not a sin; God does not change

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