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MY FIRST MRE Eating Video Seriously - MYSTORY Nr41
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Published 6 months ago |
MY FIRST MRE Eating Video Seriously - MYSTORY Nr41
Meal Ready To Eat Opening And Eating Sounds

Mre civilian meal ready to eat food ration eating.
How to food ration eating video with nice text content.
Apocalypse survival food off Amazon.
Eating sounds and commentary for sleep aid.
#MRE, #WARZONEFOOD, #ASMREATING, #MilitaryRation, #NewVideo,
#armyfood, #mealreadytoeat, #larp, #survivalfood,
#prepping, #shtfration, #outdoor,
#bugout, #newtuber,

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0:00 - MREASMR

Hello World, Hello Viewers!
In this new blog post and video I decided to show some more of the footage that I created during the satisfying experience of opening and consuming an Mre off Amazon.
Enjoy me eating or don’t.
I also included some more of the outdoor footage.

1:00 - FOOD

There is some food on Amazon and some of it is actually edible.
In my journey to get more views I came along the idea of making food videos and Asmr videos (but not seriously) and I decided to combine these into one post.


I guess that these rations are very good for survival purposes.
Maybe they are zombie safe or maybe not.

10:00 - OUTDOOR

For outdoor or emergency situations these rations seem to be well packed.
Waterproof and filled with mostly less heat reactive materials that don’t get bad so fast when they get in contact with Mother-nature’s magic tricks called weather.

15:00 - BUGOUT

I might not yet be an expert for anything other than consuming large amounts of food but I think that such meal ready to eat rations might be well paced inside Bug-out bags.


I like also like to remind everyone to check out the last part of my previous post to see if you like to support me with doing things I put on a list in there.
The last section that is the equivalent of this part is basically me asking for free real estate.
I like the idea of these Mre-videos because they are entertaining and taste good.
Perfectly balanced!
As all things should be.
Don’t be too scared and have a nice day whenever you read these lines.
Yours Sincerely,

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