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AntiSocial Media
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Eric Dubay
Published 2 years ago |
AntiSocial Media is a conscious rap track from Eric Dubay and DJ Rob Instinct's upcoming album

Lyrics: As friendship all declines our socializing dies
we blindly suffer on these lonely streets of life
The truth will always rise so choose it over friends
Its all about the lie and being lied to

It's flat. Now, I totally understand that swallowing this bitter pill is difficult, and sure is gonna feel sore and more than a little bit different than what y'all thought y'all been living in, but before y'all all start dissin' me be sure I've got no strings fitted 'n only wish to bridge division with sound (our sounds). Without a shadow of doubt our social lives are down and out. Every time I take a look around everybody's on their phones looking down, funny how we become touchscreen lovers but all out of touch with each other. I wonder if one day we won't bother communicating by no other ways and means than through these screens crazy it seems that we pass each other by in the street 'n don't speak, yet we used to be together every day! We never used to play these kinda games I feel if it's not real then I don't wanna know, fine if we don't socialize but I won't give my time thrice just know. Takin' it all away is maybe the only way to save this wasted generation enslaved by that bitch Miss-communication so, exchange the TV, radio, papers, magazines for some long lost clarity. Rest from antisocial Media, then you'll have a shot at sanity.

Every time you reach for your phone you're addicted
more and more to the dopamine you're tripped with,
Everyone else is also afflicted causing mass withdrawal symptoms,
So you buy more technology to compensate, iPod, iPad, I could get irate,
But I won't 'cause I might want a rebate, iBook, iMac back with an update,
Life in plastic, so fantastic, see?
iPhone 1, 2, 3 obsolescent, 4G, 5G, got the quintessence,
iTunes too, now I'm all eyed-out, upload to iCloud then find out
I'm not my i self, I sold out, shit.
This anti-social media is getting kinda tedious
It's coming at a premium and really pretty devious
I checked with Wikipedia and other multi-media
and all of them agreed on that the situation's serious
We've got a freakin' myriad of trivial experience
It's causing a delirium, millennials are idiots
and that isn't even the worst part
We've got an epidemic and it's wholly epistemic
social media's a weapon and this isn't a polemic
Interactions are synthetic, everyone is apathetic
Friendship is on the decline, Facebook is up on cloud nine
speeding on past the stop sign, humanity's on the front line
and we're about to all fall down

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