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Vax Injured Victim: "I'm a number"
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Hamilton-Moore Effect
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Published 5 months ago

Twitter/X: @Michell87463246I’m not feeling well today, part of being a Vax Injured by Pfizer. I pushed myself a bit too much this week having to relax and take care of myself today. It’s hard not to think that I once had a life, an active, happy life to where I am now. I try to think positive, speak out, spread awareness but I have my bad days as well. Today I think about being just a number. I’m given a number by the maker of the vaccine who made me sick, Pfizer, Vaers, CICP, a number is given if you share your story on any organization that tells your story about your injury, a number if you sign the Vax Unvax Bus, and more. (The organizations that help us, we are appreciate, if it wasn’t for these injuries, we wouldn’t be given a number). The list goes on. There’s so much more to each, and everyone of us who have been injured by the Covid vaccine or have lost loved ones from this, not so safe and effective vaccine. We are living a nightmare, we’re stuck in a matrix. Our government abandons us, we are gaslit by doctors, crying for help and seeking Justice. We are more than a number and it didn’t have to be this way. Just my thoughts today.. This goes out for every vaccine who has harmed us not just the COVID VACCINE. We are speaking out loud and clear.

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