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AI And The Bible Part Two
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Pastor Jack Ward
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Published 7 months ago


1 Corinthians 15:22-28   AI And The Bible

Intro:  Artificial Intelligence is here to stay.  It is here to STRAY us from God and faith in Him.  We call it AI.  In the Bible Ai (AYE) was a city in Canaan.  The promised land.  Joshua was the leader of God’s people.  They were in the midst of destroying the former occupiers of the land of Israel.  31 kings would be rooted out of God’s land.  The people of Ai (AYE) were most likely evil Rephaim creatures with DNA left over from the Genesis six creatures before the flood.  Their king was a powerful king.  Joshua tricked the king into coming out of Ai (AYE) by using his arrogance against him and Israel defeated Ai (AYE) in combat.  Now I think it is very strange today that when we talk about Artificial Intelligence and we call it AI and that Ai (AYE) was a place in the midst of God’s Holy Land.  A hybrid…. of human and Demonic DNA that God’s people had to contend with. 

The people of Ai (AYE) were of the Rephaim…the survivors of the Nephilim by the Nephilim DNA in the wives of one of Noah’s sons.   Joshua destroyed completely 31 kings that were in that the devil placed in the land of Israel. Joshua killed everyone of them and none of them were to survive.  Then after that Israel began to take prisoners and let their enemies live.  Why?  Pretty obvious that the 31 kings were not purely human.  They were the giants that the 12 spies mentioned and related to the giants of Genesis chapter six.  Not fully human.  AI is not human either.  We have the possibility with AI to make hybrid humans. 
Just Like Satan did with Genesis Six.


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