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Urgent!: the Spike-Protein is Graphene Oxide inside your body "spiking" you'
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 2 months ago |
Read the Below Everyone why I’m not interested in the numbers of hits for my videos BUT I’ve had enough of this interference from Brighteon regarding my videos when I see others that fall out of the Devil’s ass on Brighteon platform and they appear to have NO interference. I can hardly say on my my ct-scan has all accountable for alien technology in me and on Earth and why NO ONE can interfere with my Iran server or Internet and, ignore this INTERFERENCE to this video’s hits during the last 18 hrs when I sent out over 5 thousand emails from [email protected] and [email protected] accounts so Brighteon management, and all involved attract consequences for your intent/action to stand in defiance to what I hold as shown on the website.

Because of my evidence I send my videos with my emails to embassies around the world because they all have intelligence officers in their staff and they all know I have what all refer to as The God's Document that's signed and can never be undone and, they violated the god’s document with their alien agenda and to change human DNA.

I must add, they are forced to do reports on me that’s why I’m not interested in the numbers of hits on this platform because I know they’re interfered with as my website receives 130,000 to 160,000 hits every month and the internal link for the video of Killer Vaccine receives over 10% of the monthly hits and the links on the site pointing to these platforms are lucky if they have 20 hits per month, which proves my statements a fact showing the interference to the facts I try to expose that creation is being violated and, no interference will go unchecked at the end with Final Judgement.


On Sunday, June 27, Argentine geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez was interviewed by Pedro Moreno in the program Integrantes.

In this interview, Dr. Martinez explains that the pandemic must be treated from an engineering point of view and not only from a health point of view since it was discovered that vaccines contain graphene oxide, but experts in the area of electromagnetism must also be brought in to understand how to deal with what we are experiencing.

Orwell City has selected four points that are relevant and directly related to the findings made by La Quinta Columna and that are of great interest to both the scientific community and the general public

More information:


The Nuremberg Code: proving all Governments are violating International Law and Rule of Law.

So now what is everyone going to do? Are you going to take action or are you just going to yap and hope someone else does it for you.

This maybe the first time in your life everyone where you truly have to take an action by exposing this evidence and pushing it to bring this crime against humanity to an end.

Choose well everyone, this could be the last choice you and humanity may ever have.

View: Extremely Poison Graphene Oxide, is the main component in COVID Vaccines and new Flu Vaccines and at

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