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KelTec RDB - AmbGun Minuteman Review Shorts
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Published 7 days ago |
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KelTec RDB FeaturesDownward Ejection is the industry standard for being ambi friendly.

The ambi Mag release is trigger hand eject, support hand reach, capable.

Ambi safety is ergonomic and a short 30 Degree throw.

Rear sling loops are perfect for an Ambi paracord sling traveler.

Adjustable gas system to achieve reliable yet mild recoil.

The best bullpup trigger is actually an excellent trigger for any platform.


Pencil barrel is adversely affected by muzzle devices.

Firing pin failure.

Charging handle is not ambidextrous.

Barrel extension lock nut loosened after 3,000 rounds.

Forward Sling loop is too fat for MagPul paraclips….requiring paracord link.


The KelTec RDB is the lightest, fastest handling, dynamic ambidextrous bullpup rifle. Those ambidextral gunfighters coming from Xball paintball, will find that the RDB makes the AR15 feel like a relic. For details see AmbGun’s 34 video RDB playlist and full length review.

KelTec RDB

KelTec RDB Playlist


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