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For Such a Time as This
Published a year ago |
What do you do when the facts get in the way? Joe Biden says "We choose truth over facts." Hmmmm


In viewing “Evidence Of El Paso Psyop”, you will discover that using the search terms “Alden Hall & Crisis Acting” returned a curious result earlier today. You will not get that now. My video will explain why I thought of those specific search terms and an analysis of the result.

Ever wonder why there are those who want government to control everything. Simply, government is their God! When all hope relies on something or someone, that something or someone is your God. Since government is fallible, one can't let facts get in the way of truth and faith. Any mention against what government (their god) has done wrong is an attack on their faith. They are really religious government zealots. They label others what they truly are. If you cannot process "Evidence of El Paso Psyop", you are suffering from blind government faith and the fact is, you truly need help. With no apologies... Phillip Hudok.

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