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Historical and Scientific Evidence of the Global Occult Control Structure, SRA and MKUltra Mind Control
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Published 6 months ago

Max interviews researcher, lawyer and hypnotherapist Dr. Marcel Polte on Satanic Ritual Abuse, MkUltra, demonic possession and reptilian beings in a deep dive into the dark agenda. Dr. Polte verifies many survivor accounts with his research and through hypnosis, as well as FOIA requests to the military agencies and CIA. Max and Dr. Polte discuss attempts to silence disclosure via programs such as the false memory foundation and invoking the national security act as well as by threatening and discrediting survivors, therapists and journalists. Topics such as the global cults, NAZI scientists, torture techniques and patterns in creating alters are discussed, as well as the historical and anthropological evidence of both SRA and alien visitors as far back as the cuneiform tablets. The pair finish by discussing how these connect with the current global agenda to sexualize children and solutions to ending the harvesting and dark control over the human race.

maxglobal agendaunbrokentruth warriorslowensra and mkultra mind controlghistorical and scientific evidence of the global occult control structuredr marcel polte

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